Click HERE to apply for an August-Only Membership for August 2024.

2024 August-Only Membership Fees

*For Couple and ALL Family Memberships – all members must be qualified members residing at the same address.*

  • $170 – August Only Single – 1 Adult over 18.
  • $213 – August Only Couple – 1 Adult must be over 18.  The second member could be an adult or child.
  • $288 – August Only Family of 3
  • $301 – August Only Family of 4
  • $314 – August Only Family of 5
  • $327 – August Only Family of 6
  • $340 – August Only Family of 7
  • $353- August Only Family of 8

Children under the age of 3 on opening day are free.

There are a limited number of August only memberships available each year.  New applicants to Rose Tree Woods have priority for August memberships. Families will be offered a Bond and/or an August membership a maximum of two seasons when they are on the waitlist. If the membership offer is not taken after the second time, the family will be removed from the waitlist and will have to reapply and pay the waitlist fee again if they want to rejoin.

An August only member must reapply and pay the application fee every year. If an August only member wishes to convert to a bond member for the following season and spots are available, they do not need to pay the application fee again.

Per Bylaw 2.08a, if a waitlist exits for new Bond or August-only members, preference will be given to requests from the predefined geographical boundary, which includes Broomall, Newtown Square, Havertown, and Media, PA., before those from outside this area.

Prospective new members must reside within the defined geographical boundaries or have two Sponsors who are existing Bond Members.

August Only Membership members will use the same check-in procedure as Members by giving their name or ID# at the Front Desk.

A previous year’s August membership does not automatically place a family on the list for the following year.

If you have any questions regarding our August Only Membership, please contact the Membership Committee at

Spots fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

** Please note that the $25 Application Fee is Non-Refundable.**