We currently have a waitlist with a very limited number of 2023 Bond Memberships available.

We welcome new members to Rose Tree Woods Swim Club! Our application list is first come first served so if you are thinking about joining, please submit an application by going to the Join Our Waitlist tab under Membership or by clicking right HERE and pay the $25 non-refundable application fee. You’ll be contacted by someone from our Membership Committee.

To have your name added to our Membership Application list you MUST:  submit an on-line Membership Application and pay the $25 non-refundable application fee.  Please specify if you are applying for a Bond or August Only membership.   You will receive a confirmation email.

Per Bylaw 2.08a, if a waitlist exits for new Bond or August-only members, preference will be given to requests from the predefined geographical boundary before those from outside this area. Defined geographical boundaries include the local towns of:  Broomall, Newtown Square, Havertown and Media, PA.

Prospective new members must reside within the defined geographical boundaries or have two Sponsors who are existing Bond Members. Proof of residency (license or state-issued ID) is required. All new members must be approved by the Board of Directors as outlined in our Bylaws. You can pay the $25 non-refundable application fee on-line or you can mail it to:

Rose Tree Woods Swim Club
PO Box 78
Broomall, PA 19008

* A previous year’s August membership does not automatically place a family on the list for the following year.

* All dues and fees are non-refundable!

Membership Information

  • We will no longer be using Membership Cards. You will be able to give your name or ID # to the Front Desk when you check into the Pool now.
  • PLEASE make sure you upload a recent and clear picture of each of your family members for our new check-in system.  Thank you!

Membership Timeline (Only applies to returning Members)

  • April 1 – Due date for payment of dues
  • April 2-30 – Dues paid during this time will be charged a $50 late fee
  • After April 30 – $100 unpaid dues late fee

To sell your bond

Notification in writing by anyone wishing to put their bond on the sell list must be received by April 1st.  After this date, the bond member must pay dues, assessments, and penalties.  You may send your letter by U.S. mail or email to rtwmembership@gmail.com

Please Note: If you sell your Bond and wish to rejoin in a later year you will be required to rejoin our Wait List, pay all associated fees and purchase a new Bond once it is available. Also please remember all dues and fees are non-refundable.

General Membership Meetings

There will be two General Membership meetings each summer. The first is typically during Member Appreciation Day. The second is in August. Board of Director Nominations will be accepted at the August meeting. If an election is necessary, voting will end on Labor Day.

* RTW does NOT charge additional Capital Improvement Fees or Insurance Fees on top of your Annual Dues.

* Please note that the $25 Application Fee is Non-Refundable.

2023 Membership Fees

$1,025 – Bond Family – qualified* family members only, all residing at the same address

  • $550 Annual Dues
  • $175 Initiation fee (one-time fee)
  • $300 Bond fee (one-time fee that is refundable)

$880 – Bond Couple – 1 adult must be over 18, both residing at the same address. The second member could be an adult or child.

  • $405 Annual Dues
  • $175 Initiation fee (one-time fee)
  • $300 Bond fee  (one-time fee that is refundable)

$800 – Bond Single – 1 adult over 18

  •  $325 Annual Dues
  • $175 Initiation fee (one-time fee)
  • $300 Bond fee  (one-time fee that is refundable)

* Per RTW Bylaws, qualified family members are the primary member, their spouse/partner, and their children, as well as the parents of a primary member or spouse/partner, all residing at the same address.  New members will be required to provide proof of address.

Children under the age of 3 on opening day are free.

Babysitter’s Pass

A seasonal babysitter membership can be purchased for $125.  Babysitter passes are valid only for the summer during which they are purchased. Stop by the office when the club is open to purchase. Babysitters are not considered family members but can be included in your membership for an additional fee. The babysitter must accompany at least one person in the family of a member to use the facilities.


Please note that all dues and fees are non-refundable except for the one-time Bond fee – please see Bylaws for details under our Membership tab

We do NOT charge additional Capital Improvement Fees or Insurance Fees on top of your Annual Dues.

Paying the non-refundable fee does not make you a member.