1. Members are entitled to admission to the Club when all financial obligations have been met.
  2. Club members will be admitted only with their membership cards, which are non transferable. If their card is lost a $5 replacement card fee will be charged.
  3. An adult or babysitter must accompany all children under the age of 10 at all times.
  4. An adult or babysitter must always accompany children that are ages 10 through 12 unless they have passed our water safety test.
  5. After 7:00 PM any children under 12 or not yet entering the seventh grade must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter, or leave the pool grounds. An adult is someone at least eighteen years or older.
  6. Guests are permitted only when accompanied and registered by a Club member. When the Club member leaves, the guest must also leave. Any club member bringing anyone into the Club without paying a guest fee could have their membership revoked.
  7. No member age 15 years or under may sign in more than two guests without an adult member present. There must be one adult member present for every two minor guests who are signed in.
  8. Guests are responsible for following all of the same rules and regulations as members.
  9. Guest fees are to be paid upon entry and are set by the Board. Rain passes will be issued if inclement weather closes the Club before 2:00 PM. These passes will follow usual guest restrictions.
  10. Babysitters are not considered family members, but can be included in your membership for an additional fee. The babysitter must accompany at least one person in the family of a member to use the facilities.